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Elie Wurtman

Elie Wurtman’s very first start-up was simple: selling bread door to door at the age of twelve. Unbeknownst to this young entrepreneur, he would eventually become the founder of one of Jerusalem’s first unicorns. Now that’s a lot of bread.

In this episode, Wurtman describes the additional elements that marked his journey — relentless curiosity, ideological commitments, and interestingly, his family’s social activism. Wurtman shares with storymark℠ host Gil Galanos how he integrates both heart and mind into his business practices; how his immigration journey helped chart his course; and what he thinks is the biggest aspect of a business’ success: its story.

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storymark is hosted by Gil Galanos. Our Producer is Elie Bleier. Our Associate Producer is Rebekah Sebastian. Our Editor is Zev Levi.

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