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Niruban Balachandran

Ten days in Israel and an inherited passion for Indonesia were all Niruban Balachandran needed to dedicate his life to cultivating connections between unlikely cultures. Where others saw the likelihood of failure, Niruban saw opportunity. Believing that his global finance background would be instrumental in promoting peace, he leveraged his experience to transition into the field of international aid.


In this storymark spotlight episode, Niruban shares how his grandfather and an Indonesian diplomat played a role in shaping his career. Meanwhile, Gil uncovers the profound impact of Niruban's initial trip to the Middle East.

More about storymark

storymark is brought to you by itrek studios. itrek is a non-profit that inspires tomorrow’s leaders through peer-led, week-long treks in Israel to experience its innovation, diversity and complex reality firsthand. For more on itrek’s mission, visit

storymark is hosted by Gil Galanos. Our Producer is Elie Bleier. Our Associate Producer is Rebekah Sebastian. Our Editor is Zev Levi.

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