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Orna Berry

Few have made as many successful and seamless career leaps as Dr. Orna Berry. A scientist, researcher, entrepreneur, investor, policymaker, corporate manager - there’s a reason why Berry is known as the undisputed first lady of Israeli high tech. storymark℠ host Gil Galanos buckles up for the riveting journey that is Dr. Berry’s career. 

Since her first days in the Israeli Air Force, where she was given an administrative role but ended up training flight school cadets, Berry has been ready to fly. She founded Ornet, the first Israeli startup to be acquired by a European company, and became the first and only woman to serve as Chief Scientist of Israel. And that’s just within her career. In her personal life, Berry shares how she tackled the challenges in her way, whether a cancer diagnosis or spousal abuse.

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storymark is hosted by Gil Galanos. Our Producer is Elie Bleier. Our Associate Producer is Rebekah Sebastian. Our Editor is Zev Levi.

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