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A Podcast About Leaders and
the Moments That Make Them.



Tzipi Livni

Seth Siegel

Laura Hassner

Tom Cohen

Alma and Daniel Hernandez

Felipe Neves

Dov Moran

Niruban Balachandran

Adeena Sussman

Matti Friedman

Adi Altschuler

Siqi Mou

Uri Levine

Yael Arad

Miri Eisin

Uriel Reichman

Sir Ronald Cohen

Sylvan Adams

Yaron Galai

Leah Goldstein

David Blumberg

Yadin Kaufmann

Julia Haart

Ronnen Harary

President Reuven Rivlin

Edith Eger

Elie Wurtman

Stacy Schusterman

Josh Weston

Orna Berry

Michael Solomonov

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

Michal Tsur

Stuart Weitzman


storymark® invites you to a refreshing

spin on the leadership podcast.

These conversations are dynamic, story-driven interviews about pivotal moments that propelled each guest toward success. You’ll hear revealing truths and unexpected insights from creative visionaries like chef Michael Solomonov and designers Julia Haart and Stuart Weitzman. Pioneering innovators like computer scientist Dr. Orna Berry and Sir Ronald Cohen share their experiences and inspire you to action. Each guest is leaving a unique mark in their industry and the world — and they are all anchored by a connection to Israel.

itrek is a nonprofit organization that equips rising influentials — graduate students in business, law, policy & STEM — to lead their peers on week-long experiences to Israel for an up-close look at the “start-up nation,” in order to gain a nuanced understanding of the country’s complexity and richness.

Gil Galanos

Meet your storymark host, Gil Galanos! Gil is the Co-Founder and CEO of itrek, a nonprofit that inspires tomorrow's leaders through peer-led week-long Israel Treks to experience the country’s innovation, diversity, and complex reality firsthand. After over a decade meeting and conversing with distinguished leaders, Gil decided to hit the “record button” on the revealing conversations he was already having. Now you get to listen in, on storymark.

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